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In today’s business environment, accepting credit card payments is a standard business practice. It offers convenience and choice to paying consumers. In addition it may help lower administrative costs and increase overall sales and average tickets1. Businesses can get next day funding for most transactions when funding to a Wells Fargo checking or savings account

Understanding credit cards

A credit card will allow you the credit card holder to pay for goods and services based on your promise to pay for them. We create an account for your and grant you a line of credit that you can borrow for payment when purchasing goods or services.

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Benefits and features:

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Cards services have changed the face of business since as you can accept the use of cards instead of the traditional method of using money all the time. The various benefits that arise from using card services include:

  • Convenience. payment using cards reduces collection errors and customers can also avoid having to carry cash around all the time

  • Potential for increased sales. Cards services helps to attract new and repeat business by providing customers any easy way through the use of cards.

  • Payment Card Industry Compliance. When you accept credit card payments from your customers, you’re responsible for ensuring their information is secure. We provide information and updates to help you manage your compliance with PCI-Data Security Standards

  • Enhanced security. It is safer to use cards as compared to cash and checks as there is no case of fraud or bounced checks.

  • Security. The use of our card service solution helps protect your customers’ card data with encryption and tokenization technology.

  • Contactless Support. Your customer may want to use new forms of payment such as contactless payments, or to make payments with a mobile wallet. We can help you accept remote and mobile payments with the latest in credit card processing solutions.

Accepting credit card payments

In order to accept card payment there are two approaches that can be used.

  • Using your own merchant account. To do this you will need to open a merchant account which will still need you to have certain qualifications. This approach is better because the account provider is that one that does most of the account maintenance for you.

  • Third party merchant account. With this approach you do not have to open a merchant account but will use another person’s account. The set up fee is lower compared to opening up your own account but the third party may decide you to charge you extra fee for using his or her account.

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Types of credit cards we offer

Secured credit cards

This type of credit card requires you to pay certain cash deposit as its security depending on the type of card; this cash deposit is held by us to cover any credit charges if they go unpaid. You will then have access to credit depending on the amount you deposited. The benefit of having this card is that it helps you better your credit score as we report to major credit bureaus. If a client has a poor credit history our secured credit cards will allow them to rebuild their credit history.

Prepaid cards

This type of card operates differently from a secured card simply because you don’t need to open an account with us or deposit money with us to use your card. You simply purchase the card, load as much money as you wish and you are ready to use it. The difference with this card is that the card holder can only use the amount loaded where as in secured cards the card holder can have more money than what was deposited in their card.

Rewards credit cards

This type of card is mostly for people who do most of their spending and purchasing on a credit card. We let you choose between cash back, travel discounts or merchandise points. Credit card payment system is becoming more popular and customers will expect you to offer them the card payment system.

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